Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Vintage Travel Posters

Could these be the second-hand score of the year so far? Yes - I think so.

The cost of these charming posters? £0 - free!

I picked them up a few weekends back at a car boot sale in Primrose Hill. James and I (my boyfriend, my long-suffering second-hand trawling companion), got up early on Saturday morning for a pleasant trip up North. I found out about this sale from Pretty Much Penniless and pictured myself returning home laden with Tom Dixon candles and vintage kimonos.

At first it was disappointing. All of the 'professional sellers' were there, with piles of old phone chargers and useless computer games. We were heading out when we spotted these posters and were told 'the frames are broken, they were originally a set of three, so you can just take those'. SWEET!

They look so good in my living room.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

London Street Furniture Find

One of the great things about living in London is that the street gives you things. I suppose it's because there are fewer cars to transport unwanted furniture to the tip or charity shop...

A few weeks ago I found this lovely (albeit rather rickety) wooden chair on the street with a collection of other bits and pieces (old mugs and plates - not as exciting) and a hand written sign saying 'take me'.

The chair makes a useful perch in my bedroom for when I'm struggling to lace my shoes in the morning, and goes perfectly with my sweet Marie Antoinette cushion!

Chair - down the street - for free!!