Monday, 24 November 2014

Vintage Books

Look at these super cute books found on the Walworth Road this weekend. So awesome, cue drawing club - pencils at the ready!

These charming little books were an absolute steal - about 75p each - you could expect to pay £5 and up-wards for this kind of thing at chi-chi vintage fairs in east London! The drawings are annotated in a very sweet way with a friendly tone (like any good teacher) - and that typography! They just don't make books like this anymore. 

The drawing animals book had a very old bus ticket as a bookmark in it. The ticket was so old that it was actually made of cardboard, cost 1d, and had a hole punched into it to mark the destination.. I wonder who was learning to draw animals from a book on a bus from Shepherds Bush to North London all those years ago?

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