Monday, 15 December 2014

Vintage Liberty Print Skirt

A couple of weekends ago I struck gold on the Walworth Road.

Behold - a thing of a beauty, character and history - an absolute wonder which will never date... a genuine Liberty print skirt. Size 10, for £3.99.

YES. £3.99

To any second-hander, finding Liberty print really is like finding gold. Even in high-end second-hand and vintage shops, genuine Liberty print is hard to find. And the reason for this: Liberty print is so expertly designed that it will be a thing of charm forever. And so, Liberty print items stay in families forever and get passed down between generations and can be worn quite comfortably for years.

I think this skirt is from the 60s because of the chic pencil shape. And as this is the time of year for giving, I will be gifting this find to a lovely friend of mine who I know will absolutely treasure it. Plus, I know it will fit her like a glove, her Twitter profile even says: 'ultra-journalist in Liberty fabrics'. I saw this and thought of her; she has to have it. Sorry for ruining your Christmas surprise, lovely Jasmine. I couldn't keep this from my blog any longer.

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