Friday, 8 May 2015

What a lovely pair of drawers..

Having searched high and low for a suitable set of drawers, I was coming dangerously close to dropping £200 on a new chest. My patience was rewarded when I found not one, but two chests of drawers in my most prized charity shop down Walworth Rd a few weekends ago.

The first, the white set. I wanted a white chest to go on my landing. The sun comes streaming into this space every morning and it's so nice stepping from my bedroom onto the bright, pretty landing, so I wanted a practical set of drawers for storing linen which would add to this bright space. This chest is a little rough around the edges, a few chips, but that only adds to the charm as far as I'm concerned. Our old household mirror sits proudly on top among a selection of rather lovely bottles and flowers, a vase filled with my collection of pine cones, an old painting and a signature luxury candle.

The second pair, also £10, is a very smart set which is just the right height for sitting under the mirror in our bedroom. This pair really completes the place, and I was thrilled when I picked this up as they now complete the furniture arrangement in the bedroom. The room now looks so much bigger!

James and I had a real job getting these down the road, amazingly we managed it in one trip. I have also lined the drawers with some retro-style Laura Ashley drawer liners.

Drawers, £10 (Trinity House Hospice, Walworth Rd)

Drawers, £10 (Trinity House Hospice, Walworth Rd)

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