Monday, 17 August 2015

Diptyque Candles: Worth the Money?

Today we discuss Diptyque candles. They cost £40, and I have never seen one in a charity shop or when out thrifting anywhere, but I was very lucky at the weekend and was passed on a Diptyque candle which was someone's unwanted gift (Pomander, the Christmas one - which will be lit on Nov 30). LIKE OMG. So lucky. So you see, this does vaguely fall into the thrift category (especially for us thrifters who are more often than not also beggars, borrowers and stealers). 

As I have grown older, I have learnt that there are certain things which can't be scrimped on, and whilst second-handing feeds my soul (for the unique-ness, the history*), some things you just have to pay good money for: Sourdough bread, undies, wine, scent (perfume and candles), in other words, treats. Here is my rationale...

I visited the Diptyque shop in Paris this past February with my boyfriend, and this one heck of a shop; it feels lavish and has been decorated in a way that it feels like Marie Antoinette herself would have been right at home here. As it happens, the shop was created in the 80s, but it still feels like a beautiful old apothecary. The chap behind the counter was friendly and showed us the candles which I wouldn't be able to get back home as they were 'boutique exclusives'. We / I spent a while choosing the perfect candle, and the shop had this little cushioned pad which you knock the candle out onto so you can smell the jar - so much fun! I chose my candle and then it was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and I was given some perfume samples - yes, thrifty.

So, in thrifty terms, here is what I got for my £40 (actually €40 - cheaper in euros with the exchange rate, THRIFT) candle: 
- a beautifully perfumed  boudoir
- a fun (for me) shop visit
- a great Paris memento (I remember our Paris trip when I look at the beautifully designed jar)
- Diptyque perfume samples which sat in my make-up bag for emergencies (USEFUL) 
- thoughts of oak forests. When I light my 'Chene' candle, it makes me think of this: 

Beautiful mural in the Diptyque boutique

Money might not buy happiness, but it can buy expensive candles.

And for more words of wisdom on the candle front, read this by clever, lovely Liz of Harcourt Crescent

* the smugness, not that I'm proud to admit, I just can't help it.. (when someone asks 'where'd you get that', 'oh, a charity shop' *smugness*)

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